Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Custom Iconography


How does an innovative company visually demonstrate their unique value offering? For CtiPath, the secret was developing a new design path.

CtiPath has been in business since 2012. They are headquartered in the Triangle region of NC, and have customers and team members across the U.S. Innovation and personal service is their forte.

CtiPath provides IT services in the contact center, cloud computing, smart city, and other spaces that require data management from diverse sources and hands-on, personal support.

The Challenge

As CtiPath grew, it saw the need to rethink its brand identity. They wanted to keep their colors and have a similar typeface to what they had before. But something was missing in their previous brand identity.

As innovators would have it, CtiPath approached their rebrand with an open mind: “We would love to see something that plays with the “path” part of our name (i.e., road, arrow, map) or with technology. It can be more modern or a retro type icon.” They opened the door to create something new—this time for themselves, and not just for their clients.

A New Design Path

A path is a journey. For CtiPath, the journey they take with their customers is one of relational commitment. They are there at every step and advocate for their clients at every turn. Ideally, the relationships CtiPath maintains are ongoing. The process cannot not be linear, so circular motion demonstrates this best.

The new CtiPath logo illustrates its relational commitment. The emblem represents ongoing movement with internal lines, and its “C” shape gives it personal flare. The typeface has a modern and futuristic look. It is clean, professional, and strong. In short, the new logo is everything that CtiPath needed in a brand that has staying power.