Confessions of a Wavy Girl

Brand Strategy, Logo Design, User Interface Design, WordPress Development


How can a fledging brand garner trust and build a scalable brand system? For Confessions of a Wavy Girl, it required refreshing their look and building a unique website. 

The mission of Confessions of a Wavy Girl (CWG) is to inspire women to feel confident in the way that God made them. It’s a community where women from all walks of life can find hair and makeup tutorials, and articles about finding inner beauty.

The Challenge

CWG started as “Lauren Loves Dry Shampoo.” Lauren, CWG’s founder, expanded her vlogging topics over time and grew her audience across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. With its growth, Lauren changed her vlog’s name to Confessions of a Wavy Girl and set out to build a more cohesive brand identity. She needed a way to build trust with both her followers and the brands she affiliates with. Lauren also needed website to serve as a central spot for all of her content.

Something Elegant and Scalable

For CWG’s visual identity, Lauren wanted something simple, elegant, and scalable. We paired cursive and sans-serif typefaces in the brand marks for a modern feel. We also selected multiple shades of pink and gray for the brand colors to help with contrast.

Confessions of a Wavy Girl brand marks and colors

After the brand was created, I designed low-fidelity wireframes for Lauren’s site to provide the UI structure for the WordPress build. In WordPress, I created pages for each content category and designed custom navigational areas. I also incorporated conditional logic for posts with video content to only include the video and not the featured image in the post itself.

A Special Feature

Since CWG partners with brands to review products and share affiliate links, I created a dedicated page to display discount codes. Using Javascript, I developed a way for the user to copy featured discount codes to their clipboard. This strengthens the user’s experience by making it easier to use CWG’s discount codes when shopping online.

Exceeding Expectations

The new CWG brand identity and website exceeded Lauren’s expectations. “Overall, I can’t say enough great things about working with Sunjay,” Lauren wrote. “I am happy with my site and confident to take the site over and begin creating content …. [Sunjay] was able to keep me on track and make my dream of having my own site a reality.”