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Bolt started as a thought experiment and morphed into a full on brand. That’s what happens when a company is bold enough to rethink what it means to be a strong market player.

Bolt started as a thought experiment. First came a simple doodle of a lightning bolt and uppercase typeface with the heading, “BOLT.” What came next was rather unexpected.

The Big Question

I created several drafts from that first doodle. And while the brand identity was forming, I still was not sure what Bolt was after all. So I posed this question to several people I knew.

Someone suggested Bolt was “a household energy conservation utility,” another said an “electricity company,” still another said an “electrician.” Out of these and many options, I decided to make Bolt an electrical services company.

A World of Possibilities

As a faux company, Bolt had endless possibilities. I researched several electrical services companies and found that many lacked a genuine sense of brand flare. They knew what services they offered, but opportunities for genuine customer engagement were rather sparse.

Bolt is a different kind of electrical services company. Sure, they offer the standard commercial and residential services. But they also have the Lightning Bolt membership club.

As a member, you get one free repair per year and get automatically registered in monthly giveaways. Not to mention 10% off all store orders. Yes, Bolt even has an online store you where you can order all of your fan gear. Now that is an engaging company.