Your Brand Is Unique

Your brand has something unique to bring to the table. It may be your delicious lattes, your extra-mile service, or even your edgy brand voice. Either way, it is my job as your designer to bring your distinct value to life. Below are some organizations like yours that experienced this first-hand.

Screenshot of the main screen of the Jammming app


Jammming is a simple front-end React application that helps you quickly add playlists to your Spotify account. Who thought creating playlists could be this easy? 

Ravenous app screen with milkshakes as the search query


Ravenous is a front-end React application that helps users find restaurants in their area. With Ravenous, you can find a restaurant that is a best match, highest rated, or most reviewed.

iPhone and iPad in vertical position displaying a website

Confessions of a Wavy Girl

How can a fledging brand garner trust and build a scalable brand system? For Confessions of a Wavy Girl, it required refreshing their look and building a unique website.

Salem Baptist Church

How does an organization stay abreast with changes in its community and transformations within? For Salem, it required an integrated strategy to unify and align all brand communications.


Contextualizing a national brand is a delicate process, but Chick-fil-A is an inspiring example of how to do it right. Both internal and external communications are planned for excellent results.


How does an innovative company visually demonstrate their unique value offering? For CtiPath, the secret was developing a new design path.

The Garden Church

A brand mark symbolizes the heart of an organization. For The Garden Church, their brand mark communicates a vision for restoration and growth in their members.


Bolt started as a thought experiment and morphed into a full on brand. That’s what happens when a company is bold enough to rethink what it means to be a strong market player.

First Baptist Douglasville

How does an organization create a culture consumed with its mission? For First Baptist Douglasville, it required a brand strategy that would carry the vision forward.

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