WordPress from the Ground Up

By Sunjay Armstead |
February 4, 2022

Why this series?

Learning development can be intimidating, especially when you’re not sure where to start. Which stack should you choose, what Discord servers should you join, should you pay for a bootcamp? I’ve asked questions like these countless times, which is why I’m starting this mini-series to share what I’ve learned along the way.

What will you learn?

This is the series I wish I had when I first started building WordPress sites. We’ll take a deep dive into WordPress, a content management system (CMS) that powers countless websites across the internet. We’ll specifically focus on the traditional approach (as opposed to a headless Jamstack architecture), and look at how to tackle WordPress from the ground up. You’ll learn about the WordPress ecosystem, creating child themes, adding custom features, security, spinning up local environments, and much more.

My credentials

In case you’re wondering, I am a developer like you trying to figure this thing out along the way. I started my career as a graphic designer and eventually merged my artistic background with development thanks to great curriculum at Codecademy. Today I am a UI/UX designer and developer at ZEAL, a software consultancy firm specializing in web and mobile apps.

What’s next?

Our first stop is content management systems. But, before you go, would you mind sharing this series with a friend or coworker? Thanks!