Unifying Brands through Design

My name is Sunjay Armstead. I am a multimedia designer who unifies brands through integrated design. I am passionate about great design, enjoy learning new things, and will tinker with just about anything. I’d love to have coffee with you … but I’ll order tea!

Sunjay Armstead in light green polo shirt standing near a window

My Philosophy

My value-added as a design professional is that I take seemingly disparate parts and bring them together to help accomplish the mission and goals of organizations. The padlock icon in my brand combines a square, triangle, and a circle. It symbolizes my commitment to unify organizations starting with design.

My Creative Process

Though each project is different, I tend to organize my creative process around three major phases.


In this phase, I work with you to research the project scope and set appropriate expectations. I love to see you light up when you explain your vision for the future of your brand!


In this phase I create drafts, wireframes, and mockups to demonstrate how your product will function in real life. I also finalize design assets and prepare them for immediate use.


In this final phase, I train you on how to use your new design assets. I’ll walk you through style guides, explain file types, and advise you on future applications of your new design.

Work with Me

Discover designs you truly love and dream of a future you can’t wait to see.